The Seac Pro 2000 BCD is a tough jacket style BC with many hidden features. The backplate has a long padded cover to pad the hard cylinder against your back. The harness attaches directly to the backplate instead of the bladder which reduces cylinder and backplate movement for a more natural feeling.
Adjustable Harness System
The cummerbund has an elasticated section that allows for some give when moving around so it will hold the BC secure on you without digging in. The shoulder straps attach to the backplate behind you like a technical rig which means the backplate and cylinder will move with you more naturally with minimal wobble.


Backup Foldable Pocket, the left wing features an extra pocket that can be hidden away and deployed when needed.

Q&S Integrated Weights, each win has quick release weight pouches to take the lead off your weightbelt.

Anodised Aluminium D-rings, on the shoulders and waist for light but strong attachment points.

Trim Weight Pockets, either side of the cylinder allow you to spread the lead over your system to trim yourself neatly in the water.

Seac Sub Pro 2000

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