The Scubapro Mk25 EVO S620Ti Regulator is an upgraded version of the S600 using technology from the G260, S600 and A700 2nd stages molded together into a 2nd stage with a work of breathing upto 40% lower than the S600. Paired with the Mk25 EVO this set of regulators is at home in cold water and abroad in warm waters.
S620 Ti 2nd Stage
The S620T has a Titanium Barrel that is light, tough and corrosion resistant for long term reliability. The Air Balanced Valve smooths out the inhalation effort at any depth so you get a controlled breath at depth and in the shallows. Using the same Large Diaphragm as the S600 gives you maximum breathing sensitivity so you get exactly as much gas as you need.
Both the Breathing Effort Knob and Venturi Switch have a high-grip coating for easy adjustment even with gloves. The hose has an Over-sized Bore that allows for a larger amount of airflow so you're never short of gas.
Mk25 EVO 1st Stage
The Mk25 1st Stage has a 5-Port Swivel Turret for perfect hose routing for either single cylinders, twins and sidemount diving. The internal parts have Scubapro's XTIS coating that prevents ice from forming, improving the cold water performance by 30%.

Scubapro MK25 Evo & S620TI Regulator

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