The ScubaPro MK2 EVO / R195 Regulator is a perfect set for deco stages or travelling divers. A Lightweight minimalist design with a new environmental sealing makes them suitable for colder waters.
Efficient Piston 1st Stage popular with schools for their reliability now has increased breathing sensitivity and better airflow as well as an increased freezing resistance. 15% better airflow compared to it's previous model from a larger piston and improved design has reduced the body size by 3.5mm.
Extended Thermal Insulating System, X-TIS, fully insulates the internal mechanism from the environment. A form of environmental seal the X-TIS improves cold water / freezing resistance without compromising piston breathing performance (patent pending).
R195 2nd Stage is a classic downstream design that will always deliver air even if a fault occurs. Adjustable VIVA venturi control will re-direct free-flowing air back towards the diaphragm to interrupt any free-flows. A reversible hose attachment means you can route the regulator hose to come in on either side of the symmetrical 2nd stage.

Scubapro MK2 Evo & R195 Regulator

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