The Scubapro Mk17 Evo S600 Regulator is a premium workhorse regulator that looks good and performs well in all environments with a new environmental seal system. The Mk17 has had a new machined body for better cold water performance.

Balanced 2nd Stage
The S600 has been balanced to deliver a constant performance over the entire dive. The diver's adjustable inhalation effort knob allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the 2nd stage to make it lighter or heavier to open the valve depending on your preference in the water.
The Adjustable VIVA can be set to DIVE / PRE-DIVE to interrupt any freeflows before they start. Dive mode has a smooth and efficient flow of air that gives great performance in the water but will not interrupt a freeflow on the surface. Pre-Dive mode redirects the air inside the 2nd stage to close the valve to stop freeflows before they happen.

Environmentally Sealed
The Mk17 EVO is environmentally sealed to keep water outside of your 1st stage for better cold water performance and less maintenance. The machined body has heat transfer fins that act as a heat-sync in the water for better cold water performance.
The Scubapro R195 Octo brings together the classic style of the R190 with the features, materials and technology of modern Scubapro regulators. The simple and robust build makes it ideal as a redundant second stage.

The R195 Octopus features a traditional downstream valve for reliability, a large diaphragm to improve response time, diver adjustable venturi control and a classic look front cover and purge button. The R195 housing is reversible, allowing a technician to swap the handing of the second stage if preferred.

The octopus is trimmed with a high visibility yellow front cover and a one metre long yellow hose to easy sharing.

Scubapro MK17 & S600 Package

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