The MK17 Evo G260 Regulator continues the legend of the G250 in a completely new, fully balanced second stage combined with the higher performance balanced MK17 Evo first stage.

The MK17 Evo is a balanced diaphragm first stage that is capable of delivering consistently high flow rates to the second stage via four low pressure and two high pressure ports in fixed positions on the main body of the first stage. The MK17 Evo uses a dry environmental seal to help protect the critical internal parts from extreme cold water and also protects sensitive soft parts like o-rings and the diaphragm from contaminants that could cause the parts to degrade. The first stage incorporates a large finned section around the dry chamber to help dissipate the cold generated as the cylinder pressure is reduced into the surrounding water much more efficiently.

The G260 is a completely new second stage based on the look and feel of the classic G250. The new housing is smaller and lighter for improved comfort and reduces drag. The new balanced valve increases the performance over the G250 and also features a high percentage of metal components to help with cold resistance as metal has a much better heat transfer rate than composite materials such as plastic. Inhalation adjustable and venturi controls can be found on the side of the housing to allow the diver to customise the performance as required.

The design of the of the G260 housing allows a qualified technician to reverse the handing of the second stage from right to left (and vice versa) making it ideal for twin sets, stages / deco rigs or anyone that prefers it handed on the opposite side.

The Scubapro R195 Octo brings together the classic style of the R190 with the features, materials and technology of modern Scubapro regulators. The simple and robust build makes it ideal as a redundant second stage.

The R195 Octopus features a traditional downstream valve for reliability, a large diaphragm to improve response time, diver adjustable venturi control and a classic look front cover and purge button. The R195 housing is reversible, allowing a technician to swap the handing of the second stage if preferred.

The octopus is trimmed with a high visibility yellow front cover and a one metre long yellow hose to easy sharing.

Scubapro MK17 & G260 Package

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