The AquaLung Mikron Stage 3 Set is probably the lightest regulator set on the market today, perfect for travel and the pneumatically balanced mechanism of the regulator ensures great performance at all depths. Built for the travelling diver every part of the regulator has been made as light as possible producing a regulator that weighs less than 1kg.
AquaLung looked at each part of the traditional regulator and made it smaller and lighter for the Mikron so it will pack down smaller in your bag and weigh less at the airport.
While making the regulator smaller the performance has stayed the same delivering a balanced breathe at any depth that you can control with a breathing adjustment knob on the 2nd stage.

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Mikron regulator:

  • Compact dimensions with low weight
  • Braided hose, weighing less than 125g provides flexibility, comfort and packability
  • First stage balanced diaphragm with two HP ports (7/16) and 4 LP ports (3/8)
  • Pneumatically balanced to provide top performance
  • Adjustment knob on second stage allows the diver to optimise the opening effort.


Mikron Octopus:

  • Compact and low weight
  • Pneumatically balanced for top performance
  • Adjustment knob to optimise the opening effort. A Mini position increase effort ideal for avoiding free flows. The Maxi position reduces inhalation effort to reduce the work of breathing
  • 39 inch yellow hose included


Please Note this package DOES NOT INCLUDE a BCD or Drysuit LPI hose. These come with your BCD or Drysuit or can be purchased Here


  • DIN Only
  • Balanced diaphragm design
  • Working pressure : 4350 psi / 300 bar max
  • Medium pressure : 9.5 bar +/- 0.5 bar
  • Number of HP ports : 2
  • Number of MP ports : 4
  • Flow rate : 1450 ltr per min @ 200 bar
  • First stage exterior : Chrome over marine brass
  • Filter type : Flat, sintered bronze
  • O-rings : EPDM
  • Type of second stage : Pneumatically balanced
  • Controls : Breathing adjustment knob
  • Mouthpieces : Comfobite - standard on the blue models, smaller size on the pink model
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores Avg. : 1.1 joules/liter
  • Nitrox compatible : Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box
  • Certification EN250 approved, water temp > 10°C


Set Includes:

x1 Mikron 1st Stage

x1 Mikron Primary 2nd Stage

x1 Mikron Octopus

x2 Braided Hoses


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